URGENT #OceanAppeal - March 2015

With your help we can build the world's largest fisheries monitoring network to stop illegal fishing

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91% of the Mediterranean is now heavily overfished. The situation is catastrophic.

The European Commission recently reported that 91% of all fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea are now classed as over-exploited. The situation is very dire. Longlines are killing our sea birds, illegal driftnets our whales and dolphins. Dynamite fishing and illicit landings of 'black' fish are a daily occurance along the Mediterranean coast. Our oceans are dying. If we work together we have a chance to move things around but only if we act together, and fast.

We have an ambitious and innovative game plan to tackle illegal overfishing. But we need your help.

The Black Fish has developed a daring and innovative approach to tackle illegal fishing. Over the last couple of years we have been training Citizen Inspectors, collecting evidence of illegal fishing and established partnerships with enforcement authorities, making civil enforcement possible. Amazingly, it is working! With confiscations and new prosecutions as a result, our inspectors are increasingly successful in taking on fishing crime. But we need your support, now more than ever before. With your help we can scale up our activities ahead of upcoming fishing seasons and make sure criminal fishing operators face justice. Read on..

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Apply for our exciting new Citizen Inspector training and join a growing team of international campaigners. Read More...

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Get involved in The Black Fish community by contributing your time and skills to our mission for the oceans. Read More...

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Learn more about our unique approach in tackling illegal fishing through citizen-led enforcement. Read More...

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