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Crowdfunding to get unmanned aircraft in action to halt illegal fishing

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Our oceans are dying. Illegal fishing is threatening an increasing number of species and enforcement of international conservation laws often lacks or is completely non-existent. The use of driftnets in the Mediterranean Sea kills thousands of whales, dolphins, sharks and fish every year. Even though this damaging fishing practice has been outlawed, an estimated 500 ships continue to flaunt the rules.

The Black Fish and ShadowView are now gearing up for a new campaign in the Mediterranean, using unmanned aircraft, also known as drones, to expose the world's largest illegal driftnet fishery and take action to end it - and we need your help!

By supporting our appeal today you ensure our drones can take to the sky and fly patrols, monitoring areas of sea and exposing illegal driftnet fishing. Your contribution will enable us take necessary action this summer, pushing authorities to enforce the international ban on the use of driftnets, which has been in place for over 20 years. Make a donation, shop at our online store or sign up for membership and help save lives. Thank you!

Read more about our plans below and click on one of the options to make your contribution:

What will the money be used for? All the money that is raised will be used to purchase action equipment for our campaign or cover any legal costs which may arise as a result of our actions. Have a look at our activities and achievements to see what we have achieved to date and help us secure more victories for ocean life. Thank you for your support!

For more information about our campaign
visit our driftnets campaign page

Taking action - The Black Fish is stepping up the fight to halt illegal fishing by actively patrolling parts of the Mediterranean Sea, monitoring the illegal use of driftnets and where possible retrieve illegal nets from the water. We patrol on land, using investigation teams in ports suspected of harboring illegal activity, from the air, using drones and at sea. The Black Fish aims to have access to a larger patrol vessel in future, which will allow us to cover larger areas of sea and be able to patrol for the majority of the driftnet fishing season.

Investigating - Illegal driftnet fishing has carried on for so long because the vessels in question operate in relative anonymity. The Black Fish aims to expose those who break the rules and put a public spotlight on their activities. Our investigations will be focused on gathering evidence of driftnet activity and where possible hand over valuable evidence to the relevant authorities, in order to push for successful prosecution.

Educating - The Black Fish is currently working on its second book, which gives a unique insight into the illegal driftnet fishery in the Mediterranean region. More awareness will help build the necessary public pressure and encourage the relevant authorities to take action and end the ongoing illegality. Public speaking tours are planned across different parts of Europe throughout 2013, which will help build much needed public momentum on the driftnet issue.