Industrial fishing is the most effective killing machinery ever developed by humans. Everywhere on this planet floating factories are emptying our oceans at an increasing rate.  87% of the global fish stocks are believed to be fully used or overfished, severely threatening the sustainability of the marine environment and the world’s largest food resource. This makes global overfishing one of the most pressing sustainability issues of our time.

Here you can learn more about fish species and how they are caught by the modern fishing fleets. You can also read about the impacts of overfishing on the marine ecosystem and why illegal fishing accounts for 20-50% auf the world's catch.

About Fish

Our oceans are ruled by animals that rarely come to mind when we think about ocean wonders: fish.

About Illegal Fishing

Between 20-50% of the global fish catch is either illegally caught, mislabeled, never reported, or from a fishery without a management regime.

About Modern Fisheries

Industrial high-tech fleets are emptying our oceans with a wide variety of fishing gear to catch even the smallest or deepest fish.

About Overfishing

More than 80% of fish stocks in Europe are overexploited. Some species are collapsed or at the brink of extinction.
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