Aside from our work in the field, we have a strong focus on education and outreach. Our team is joining and organizing different events all over Europe, to spread the word about illegal fishing and the work of The Black Fish. Our outreach work is essential for an increased awareness of people, since overfishing is driven by the demand of consumers worldwide. Education and awareness will help to inspire a broad audience and to make positive changes towards a healthy ocean full of life.

During the last years we have published booklets and reports, videos and an animated short film on the issue of overfishing and illegal fishing. In addition we love to speak about our passion for ocean life and tell people about our work. This is why we use every chance to give public talks and to join events with our team and information stall.


The Bluefin Bonanza illuminates the corruption, criminality, politics, and science surrounding the tuna fishing industry. The book offers an intriguing look inside the lucrative – and often illegal – trade in bluefin tuna, one of the most endangered fish on the planet.

Published in 2012

Get your copy here.

In 2013, a team of 32 internationally acclaimed animators produced the short film Losing Nemo, which was released on World Oceans Day and has since won various film prizes and viewed online by 200.000+ people. A German version of the film was dubbed in 2016.

Watch Losing Nemo here.

The Illegal Fishing and Organized Crime Nexus: Illegal Fishing as Organized Crime, is an extensive report, which was published in 2015 and presented at the 13th United Nations Crime Congress in Doha.

The report reveals connections between illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing (IUU fishing) and international organised crime. It indicates that IUU fishing often goes hand in hand with corruption, tax evasion, trafficking in drugs and human beings, serious intimidation and violence.

The full report is available for download here.

The beautiful illustrated booklet Deserted Ocean is filled with colorful info graphics on the ocean, overfishing and aquaculture. It was designed by the German illustrator Katharina Rot and published by The Black Fish in 2017.

Get your copy here and see more of Katharina’s work here.

Public Speaking

We love to speak about our passion for ocean life and tell people about our work. This is why we use every chance to give public talks and to join events with our team and stall. In the last seven years we have given over 200 talks in more than 10 european countries and joined more events than we could possibly count. This work is only possible because of our great volunteers, who are giving talks, working at stalls and organizing different fundraising events. Interested in volunteering? Click here!

We have organized public speaking tours across England (2012 and 2013), the Baltic region (2014) and Germany (2016). These tours have enabled us to rally broad grassroots support for our conservation efforts and to enlarge our networks of volunteers and supporters all over Europe.    


Help us to spread the word! Would you like to organize a talk in your town or at your university? Please get in contact with us and tell us about your idea: [email protected]

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