Last weekend, a group of The Black Fish volunteers, consisting of members from the international board of the organization, the Citizen Inspector Network, the IT-section and national and regional volunteer coordinators, met in the Italian countryside for an annual international meeting.

During various workshops, different aspects of the organisation’s values, structure, goals and strategies were discussed and rearranged. Some of the workshops also focused on strengthening the bonds between members of The Black Fish family and improving team building processes and the efficiency of team work within the organisation.

The main outcomes of this meeting are the following points:
      - Flattening the structure of the organisation
      - Improving the fundraising strategy and its efficiency
      - Expanding the Citizen Inspector Network and organising CIN-Investigations
      - Rebranding

The team at work :)

At the present time, The Black Fish is working towards the achievement of all the points mentioned above by the end of 2018, and towards keeping up with the traditional annual international meeting in the future.

Categories: Community, Impact
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