We are very excited to announce a new project, that will help to highlight the beauty and importance of fish. The Encyclopedia of Fish will give you an idea how amazing and interesting fish species really are.

Our oceans are ruled by a group of animals that rarely comes to mind when we think about ocean wonders. It‘s not the whales, turtles or dolphins that are dominating the big blue – it‘s fish. Fish have adapted to all kinds of habitats and can be found in every single part of our oceans, from colourful coral reefs to the desert of the open ocean up to the deepest waters in over 8 kilometers depth. They do not only come in all shapes and colours, they also have an unbelievable variety of characters and skills.

Sadly, most of these astonishing skills and likeable character traits remain unnoticed...Being the most important marine resource on the planet, fish are the target of the most effective killing machinery ever developed by humans: industrial fishing. Everywhere on this planet floating factories are emptying our ocean with huge nets and billions of hooks. One reason that this can happen is that humans don‘t feel connected to fish like they feel to mammals – and without this connection, compassion is impossible.

We want to change that! Therefore we have selected 20 different marine fish, that are common in Europe's seas and targeted by commercial fisheries. Fish by fish we will introduce them to you in more detail: Where do they live? What is their favorite food? Where are they traveling to during their life? What is the biggest threat to their future and what does commercial fishing means for them?

The German artist Katharina Rot created wonderful illustrations for all 20  species to highlight the different morphologies and features of the fish. We will present a selection of new merchandise (sticker, poster, T-Shirts) in our new online shop very soon!

From next week on we will present one fish every week, so that you can find out more about the biology and skills of your favorite species or species you don't know anything about yet! The first fish is: Atlantic salmon.


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