Undercover on Sicily - documenting illegal fishing practices

6 October 2018

In September 2018 ten people from four different European countries met on the beautiful island of Sicily. They were on a mission: to documented and expose illegal fishing activities all over the island, focusing on the catch of undersized swordfish.

Crowdfunding campaign to save Europe's swordfish

4 July 2018

In September this year a small team of The Black Fish is heading to Sicily to document and expose the illegal catch of juvenile swordfish. Swordfish are large ocean predators and extremely important for the ecological balance of the ocean. Over the last decades the population of swordfish in the Mediterranean has been decreasing by nearly 70%, due to overfishing and the illegal catch of juveniles.

The Encyclopedia of Fish #allfisharebeautiful

17 June 2018

We are very excited to announce a new project, that will help to highlight the beauty and importance of fish. The Encyclopedia of Fish will give you an idea how amazing and interesting fish species really are.

Art for ocean conservation - with Florian Schalinski

31 May 2018

My name is Florian Schalinski and I’m a media designer and illustrator. Since 2015 I’ve been living on the island of Borkum in the German North Sea and have been witnessing what is happening to our oceans every day.

New website, new era!

16 May 2018

Hurray! From today on our new website is online and operating. After 4 months of intense work, we are very happy to present our work and projects on a new platform.

Fish Dependence Day

4 May 2018

On the 3rd of May The Black Fish took part in an event in Bremen to highlight the Fish Dependence Day 2018, which falls on the 4th of May in Germany. During this public event fisheries scientists, policy experts and NGO experts from 8 different institutes and organization discussed the future of fisheries in the EU.

Book release event "Das Meer"

15 April 2018

Teresa, a young fisheries observer, disappears ominously from a Spanish fishing vessel. Ragna and her group of radical activists are applying doubtful methods to save the oceans from collapse, while cases of fish poisonings are increasing all over Europe.

Citizen Inspector Training London 2018

8 April 2018

This weekend The Black Fish ran another Citizen Inspector training in London, UK. Over the course of four days trainees would learn about anything from laws on fishing to fish identification, vessel and fishing gear monitoring to first aid and evidence collecting.

The Black Fish kicks off Baltic Sea Campaign

10 March 2018

Last weekend, a team of Citizen Inspectors travelled to the German coast of the Baltic Sea including the island of Rügen. The most important fishing ports were visited and monitored in order to prepare for future campaigns and investigations.

The Black Fish @ Lush Summit 2018

17 February 2018

The LUSH Summit in Old Billingsgate Market, London exceeded all expectations. The location was turned into a magical world filled with positivity and energy. Countless activists, NGOs, artists and other people came together to share their faith in a better world. 

Make Stewartship Count!

23 January 2018

In January 2018 The Black Fish joined a collective of international NGOs calling for urgent and swift changes to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification standard and to address the flaws in the certification standard that allow fisheries with widely unacceptable impacts to be certified.

Victory! Electric pulse fishing is now fully banned in EU waters!

21 January 2018

On Tuesday 16th of January the European Parliament adopted a full and definitive ban on electric fishing in Europe. This victory is a collective success of the French organisation BLOOM and all the artisanal fishers and NGOs like The Black Fish, Our Fish and the Blue Marine Foundation, who worked night and day for weeks to get this result.

International Meeting 2017

17 November 2017
On November 11th & 12th, The Black Fish had its annual international meeting in sunny Italy.

„The plunder of the sea – facts and demands“ presented to the German Greens

9 October 2017

The Black Fish Germany published the catalogue „The plunder of the sea – facts and demands“, which is raising the most important demands on policy makers for a positive change in European ocean politics.

German Team supports The Black Fish @ Baltic Circle Rallye 2017

17 July 2017

Participating in the Baltic Circle Rallye means going on a real adventure: 7500 km. 10 countries. 16 days. In an awesome car older than 20 years. No GPS. No motorways.

The Black Fish joins panel discussion with fisheries biologist Daniel Pauly

30 June 2017

On June 29th The Black Fish joined a panel discussion with the world's most popular fisheries biologist: Daniel Pauly. He gave a talk on the Impact of Fisheries and Global Warming on Marine Ecosystems the Universum in Bremen, Germany.

New Citizen Inspectors trained in Hamburg

10 April 2017

On the first weekend of April The Black Fish ran another Citizen Inspector trainings in Hamburg, Germany. Over the course of four days trainees would learn about anything from laws on fishing to fish identification, vessel and fishing gear monitoring to first aid and evidence collecting.

"Voice for the Ocean Tour" successfully finished

25 September 2016

In the last four weeks the The Black Fish toured through 16 major cities in Germany, giving public talks to raise awareness on the issue of overfishing and illegal fishing and to rally support for upcoming campaigns in Europe.

Loosing Nemo premieres in Germany

3 July 2016

The Black Fish's most important film "Losing Nemo" is now available in German. Professional narrator and author Marco Mehring gave his voice to dub the 6-minutes animation movie about the issue of overfishing.

The Black Fish kicks off its work in Germany

18 April 2016

Great news! After attending last year's Citizen Inspector training in Hamburg, three committed people decided to start a new volunteer network of The Black Fish in Germany:

Rock legends in concert for ocean conservation

30 December 2015

Rocks legends Ronnie Wood, Mick Taylor, Doug Wimbish and Leah Wood joined Bernard Fowler and an impressive line up of bands including The Strypes, Hidden Charms and Will Heard, as well as a host of celebrities in London for Project 0’s Wave Makers Concert.

The sun, food and people; How I got hooked on investigations

27 August 2015

Sicilian sun, inspiring people and delicious food. This is all I’m thinking of while staring out of the lab window. It’s grey and rainy in Bremen and I’m waiting for my samples to defrost. “What the hell am I doing here?“ I can’t stop asking myself this question while my thoughts return to Sicily again. It has been a week since I came back home to daily life from my first investigation as a Citizen Inspector.

From Italy with love - Going undercover with The Black Fish

24 August 2015

My name is Libby and I’ve just spent an exhilarating 10 days in Southern Italy working as an undercover investigator for The Black Fish’s Citizen Inspector Network (CIN). The mission was to inspect fishing ports and vessels for the illegal use of Fish Aggregated Devices or FADsunder the guise of ‘la tourista’.

Night patrols seek out UK shellfish poaching

14 August 2015

The Black Fish has launched a series of civilian night patrols around the English coast to track shellfish poaching. Shellfish poaching is a multi-million dollar black market trade, threatening shellfish populations, exploiting migrant workers and fuelling organised crime.

New campaign targets illegal Fish Aggregating Devices

27 July 2015

They look small and harmless but Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) are the hidden killers of ocean life, catching large numbers of juvenile (baby) fish, causing bycatch and entangling other wildlife such as turtles and sharks. The Black Fish has now launched a new investigative campaign in the Mediterranean to pinpoint who is deploying the illegal devices and confiscating as many of them at sea as fuel budgets allow.

Deadly driftnet loophole exposed in Italy

26 July 2015

Italy’s deadly driftnets are back. The illegal use of the destructive nets, thought to have ended on a larger scale thanks to recent measures taken by the EU and Italy, has again been exposed with fresh evidence emerging of their deployment.

Citizen Inspectors assist in anchovy confiscations

20 May 2015

Over the last three months The Black Fish’s Citizen Inspectors have assisted enforcement officials in Southern Italy with surveillance to seek out illegal trade in juvenile anchovy, which are heavily overfished in the Mediterranean region.

Illegal fishing observed in ‘sustainable’ Swedish fishery

30 January 2015

This week a lobster fishery operating off the west coast of Sweden was granted a sustainable fishing label through the Marine Stewardship Council. However, only four months ago Citizen Inspectors of The Black Fish observed illegal fishing activities in the exact same fishery.

The Black Fish confiscates illegal Fish Aggregating Devices

2 December 2014

The Black Fish has initiated the removal of illegal Fish Aggregating Devices, better known as FADs, from an area in the Tyrrhenian Sea, approximately 30 miles north of Sicily.

The Black Fish signs historic agreement with Italian Coastguard

27 November 2014

As of today, The Black Fish and the Italian Coastguard will combine resources and share intelligence to combat illegal fishing practices in the Mediterranean Sea. An historic agreement, which was signed at a ceremony in Messina, Sicily, will enable the two organisations to work in direct partnership to combat illegal fishing practices.

How to deal with it. On investigation in Morocco.

1 September 2014

The Black Fish recently partnered with UK based Fin Fighters to investigate illegal shark fishing and finning in Morocco. Combining Fin Fighters’ scientific expertise on sharks and The Black Fish’s Citizen Inspector Network has laid the foundation for a powerful new collaboration in marine conservation. Fin Fighter Lou Ruddell writes about her experiences working with The Black Fish on the ground in Morocco.

The Black Fish’s Losing Nemo wins film prize

11 March 2014

The Black Fish and Mister Lee, the animation studio that produced the animation film Losing Nemo, were awarded during this year’s San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, the largest event of its kind. The 2014 animation award was presented to Douwe van der Werf, director of the film.

Successful speaking tour finished across the UK

11 November 2013

The Black Fish has just finished a six week long speaking tour across the UK to raise awareness of illegal overfishing and to rally support for its upcoming campaigns in Europe.

The Black Fish concludes investigations in Albania and Tunisia

30 July 2013

Over the last two months crew members of The Black Fish have inspected fishing ports around the Mediterranean Sea in an effort to uncover illegal driftnet fishing. After initial work in the Italian regions of Calabria and Sicily, The Black Fish expanded its work along the coasts of Albania and Tunisia.

Losing Nemo premieres in Amsterdam

27 May 2013

Losing Nemo, the new animation film about industrial overfishing made by a 30+ strong international team of animators, premiered in Amsterdam yesterday. The Movies cinema hosted the event, with a mix of film makers, crew of The Black Fish, supporters and campaigners in attendance. You can view the full film here.

2012: Staying on course

30 December 2011

Europe’s marine environment is increasingly under threat from overfishing, habitat destruction, illegal fishing and poaching activity. To protect the most vulnerable of habitats and species, The Black Fish is preparing for its most ambitious campaigns to date. In this article we look back on 2011 and ahead at the new year.

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